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All of our boats come with a skipper who knows the local waters and customs.

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    Bow Riders from $90.00 / hour​

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    Center Consoles from $120.00 / hour

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    Cruisers from $188.00 / hour

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    Yachts from $312.00 / hour

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    Coming 2019

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Our Services

  • We offer On Demand boats available in 90 minutes or less. These boats are displayed in Red at their GPS location on the app.
  • We offer Reserve boats. These boats are currently on a ride or not available as a demand boat. These boats can be reserved through the app for a later ride. The reserve boats are displayed in a Black icon.
  • We offer Budget boats displayed in Blue. These boats are priced at a 50% discount to their last full fare ride.

How It Works

  • On Demand or Reserve
  • Power or Sail
  • Number of riders
  • Activity

Riders Reserve
The Right Boat

Using the filter on your app simply select:
  • On Demand or Reserve
  • Power or Sail
  • Number of riders
  • Activity

Captain /

As a UBRA Skipper you choose
  • Your hourly rate and minimum time.
  • You decide how many riders you want to take on your boat.
  • You decide when you want to work and for how long.
  • You decide your cancellation policy.
  • Theirs no payment risk as all transactions are handled and guaranteed through UBRA boats.
  • Upon your acceptance you will be emailed a Skippers app link for download and a tutorial on how to be a 5 star UBRA Skipper.

About Us

We are the United Boat Riders Association, a members only water club dedicated to fun and safety .
  • United Boat Riders Association (UBRA) arranges boat rides for its members .
  • UBRA provides payment and communications capability for its Members.