Our Services

  • We offer On Demand boats available in 90 minutes or less. These boats are displayed in Red at their GPS location on the app.
  • We offer Reserve boats. These boats are currently on a ride or not available as a demand boat. These boats can be reserved through the app for a later ride. The reserve boats are displayed in a Black icon.
  • We offer Budget boats displayed in Blue. These boats are priced at a 50% discount to their last full fare ride. These boats are only available for a one-way ride in the direction shown on the app.

How It Works

  • All of our boats are priced by the hour for the ride.
  • You go to the boats docked location as displayed in our app.
  • or

  • You request the boats skipper to pick you up at another location using the Drive to PIN feature.

Riders Reserve
The Right Boat

Using the filter on your app simply select:
  • On Demand or Reserve
  • Power or Sail
  • Number of riders
  • Activity

Captain /

As a UBRA Skipper you choose
  • Your hourly rate and minimum time.
  • You decide how many riders you want to take on your boat.
  • You decide when you want to work and for how long.
  • You decide your cancellation policy.
  • Theirs no payment risk as all transactions are handled and guaranteed through UBRA boats.
  • Upon your acceptance you will be emailed a Skippers app link for download and a tutorial on how to be a 5 star UBRA Skipper.

About Us

We are the United Boat Riders Association, a members only water club dedicated to fun and safety .
  • United Boat Riders Association (UBRA) arranges boat rides for its members .
  • We do not rent or charter boats.
  • UBRA provides payment and communications capability for its Members.