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United Boat Riders Association Launches the Ubra Boats App for Its Members

Leading boat riders club in Miami, UBRA, announces the launch of its app, designed to make boat rides and fishing easier and more fun

Miami is no doubt one of the top travel destinations in the world and one of the major attractions are its beautiful beaches. Fishing in Miami is one of the several water activities that the residents and tourists in Miami enjoy and the launch of UBRA boat app by one of the leading boat riders association in Miami will make fishing even easier and more fun.

The UBRA boat app is designed to make the process of fishing easier. The app ensures that members can fish and enjoy several water activities with few taps on their mobile device. The app takes care of the whole process from reserving the most suitable boat to booking the boat and even getting discounts with Budget boats displayed in blue in the app, as riders get to enjoy 50% discount to their last full fare ride.

UBRA is an association of boat riders helping its members to enjoy exciting water activities and boat riding by arranging boat rides. The association also ensures the safety and security of its members by ensuring that only boats that are perfect working conditions are made available. Skippers with knowledge of the local waters and customs also come with boats to guarantee the safety of riders.

Services offered by UBRA include On Demand boats made available in 90 minutes or less, budget boats designed for riders looking to cut costs and reserve boats. All the services offered by UBRA can be accessed and enjoyed by members through the app.

The app is easy to use and navigate regardless of the computer skills of the user. It comes with filters that allow users to select from the different activities and fields that include On Demand or Reserve, Power or Sail, Number of Riders and Activity.

Skippers are not left, as accepted skippers get a link to download a Skipper's link and a tutorial on how to be a 5-star UBRA skipper.

The app is available for free download for users of devices running on the Android and iOS operating systems.

About United Boat Riders Association

United Boat Riders Association is a members' only water club headquartered in Miami. The club is poised with bringing fun and excitement to boat riders and lovers of water activities while ensuring their safety. The club helps its members to arrange boat rides and provide a safe and secure means of payment and communication for its members.

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Posted On : 2017-09-20 05:07:47