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Download UBRA Boats App – Make your Boat Trips to Miami Beach Exciting

Booking a cab to make your on-road journey convenient is a passé now; UBRA Boats is here to make your sea navigation equally comfortable. United Boat Riders Association, better known as UBRA helps you to go on a sea ride with skipper driven boats, hence enabling to make your adventure and fishing activities even more fun frolic. Even the rates are comparably much cost-effective as compare to boat rental for Miami Beach. All you need is to download the UBRA app and start exploring the water world beyond bounds!

The UBRA App

Currently available on Apple app store and Google Play, the free rider app helps you to book on demand boats within 90 minutes. Besides, it also provides the option to hire reserve boats as well a budget boats as per your convenience. The ‘members only water club dedicated to safety and fun unlimited, allows the users to ruse this free mobile app to arrange boat trips to Miami Beach and other of its member locations. It is perhaps the only boating app dedicated to offering On Demand Services along with Drive to Pin and payment capability.  Here it is important to know that UBRA does not rent or charter any boat to Miami or other location. Moreover, it encourages cashless transactions, enabling you to pay through the app itself.

Boat Types Available    

You can opt from among different types of boats using the boat app:

• On Demand Boats: The app displays the GPS location of these boats in Red. They are available in 90 minutes or less time.

• Reserve Boats: Displayed in Black in the app, you can reserve these boats for a later ride. 

• Budget Boats: As the name suggests, these boats are quite cost-effective to ride on. You can have them a 50% discount to their last full fare ride. Displayed the GPS location in Blue, these boats are at present available only for one-way ride, in the direction as shown in the app.

Reserving the Right Boat

The boats accompany pricing depending on the riding hours. The riders can navigate to the docked location of the boats via the app, or alternatively, can request the skipper to pick them at the desired location using Drive to PIN feature. Further, the use of filters like On Demand or Reserve, Number of Riders, Power or Sail and Activity, the riders can narrow done their search for boats in a better manner.

Get a Chance to be the Skipper

While UBRA Boats provides budget friendly boat riding options for travelers, it also extends welcome opportunity for the captains/skippers. It allows them to choose:

• Hourly rate and minimum time
• The number of riders per boat
• The duration of work
• Cancellation policy

In addition, since the ‘members only water club’ handles and guarantees all the transactions at its end, the skippers don’t need to worry about payment risks either. Once the captains accept all the terms and conditions, they will receive the link for app download, followed by the tutorial that educates them on how to become a 5 star UBRA skipper.  

UBRA Boats app is a convenient way to book boat trips to Miami Beach and other locations. The ‘member’s only water club’, promotes affordable boat rides. 

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Posted On : 2017-06-07 00:43:15