Boat Tour & Boat Rides Trips in Miami Today

There’s no better way to see the skyline of a city than from the water! From Miami Beach, to Rio, to Sydney and on to Hong Kong, getting out on the water in an enjoyable, entertaining and carefree way to take in the beauty of your destination city.  Ubra Boats is you first and only stop where you’ll find on demand boats ready to take you away for the day or just a few hours—it’s where the fun begins.

From fully-narrated harbor cruises led by professional guides who is eager to share classic experiences with you to just a local waterman taking you for an informal tour of the various sights, Ubra boats has a skipper and boat ready to whisk you away.  Looking for a little romance?  Then book one of our boats that provides wine and cheese sunset cruises where the two of you can watch the hectic day disappear into a calm of night as the waves lap soothingly against the hull.

If you are more into exploration, you can book a boat for the day where you can hop on, hop off while the skipper waits your return.  There is never a reason to rush as you skipper is at your service throughout you booking.  Go from the hustle and bustle from the city, out to a small island to take in the sun and explore what mother nature has to offer.

Our Ubra boat skippers have a variety of boats of all types and sizes to accommodate a couple on a date or a family reunion of 60 people or more. Simply download our free app and see the boas from around the world that are just a click away.  Stop wasting time searching the web for the right boat, when the best and broadest selection of boats is right in the palm of your hand. UbraBoats is where the fun begins.